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willing to buy a real estate property in France !

buy property in France

For more than 15 years, our team of real estate brokers have been helping international buyers (individuals, family offices and investment companies) to find their perfect property in France. Mainly focused on Paris and French Riviera areas, we can go beyond those regions if needed !

The process of buying a property in France can be time-consuming, complex and stressful, and having an english-speaking real estate professional by your side can really make the difference. We are totally devoted to our international buyers and investors, and are always very happy to give them invaluable advice on all aspects of home or commercial-buying transaction in France.

All our staff is French/English bilingual … and some of us speak fluently other languages (spanish, italian, russian, …).

We work only for the buyer and our service is designed to give him/her access to the entire French market (on and off-market properties).

As buyer agents (also called buyer’s agents, buying agents, flat hunters, property search agents, property finders, …) we provide our foreign buyers with all the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about the value and quality of a French property.

Once you agree to work with us, you will have to sign a contract called a Buyer Agency Agreement outlining the agent's services and compensation.